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Knowledge of Laser tattoo removal - 1064nm 532nm Q- Switched Nd YAG Laser tattoo removal Machine


Knowledge of Laser tattoo removal

----1064nm 532nm Q-Switched Nd YAG Laser tattoo removal Machine


    Human skin is divided into shallow epidermis and the underlying dermis, in which the epidermis can be quickly renewed off, the dermis is not. The pigment is generally implanted in the dermis when tattoo, which is permanent, can not disappear on their own, so remove the tattoo is not easy.

    Laser therapy is the role of the laser in the affected area, the particles broken into tiny pieces of debris, through the skin off the scab discharge, or blood circulation and cell phagocytosis to complete the pigment metabolism. This method does not destroy the rest of the skin tissue, leaving no scar after surgery, is the preferred method of treatment of tattoo, but the cost a little more expensive. (Another common approach, as well as surgical cutting hair, skin grinding method, chemical corrosion method)

    The use of laser tattoo removal, each treatment should not be too deep in the clean-up, can be divided into multiple clean-up, clean up between the two should be 1-3 months interval. Each clean up the site is not too deep, generally do not leave scars.

Treatment head

    Laser Tattoo Machine has two laser heads, white light head (short) 1064nm and green light head (long head) 532nm. 1064nm head is circular, emit white laser light, mainly cure the black, blue colored tattoos and pigments. 532nm head is square, emit green laser light, mainly cure the red, green, brown colored tattoos and pigments.

    When using laser tattoo removal machine, the technical parameters should be controlled according to the sensitivity of the individual skin. If the skin is sensitive, the bald head should close to the skin, and the voltage should be lowered. If the skin is not sensitive, the white head voltage should be controlled at 780 V (1000MJ machine), 500V (2000MJ machine). Green head voltage should be controlled at 750 V (1000MJ machine), 450V (2000MJ machine), frequency 4-6Hz, bald distance from the skin 3-4cm.

    As far as possible close and focus the tattoo skin with high energy, play the effect of bleeding point is particularly good. Treatment interval of 45-90 days, cycle treatment until all removed.

Reaction and recovery

    As the normal tissue did not absorb the 1064nm laser, thus maintaining the integrity of the cell frame, no scar formation conditions. In addition, people need to pay attention to postoperative care after the treatment.

    Treatment of the texture layer of deep tissue, the melanin on the strong absorption of laser energy, it may produce local swelling, blisters, and even bleeding point, which are part of the organization's normal inflammation, and local inflammation severity Individual is different. After the inflammation is relieved, touch the tissue may appear to itch, the feeling of tissue stiffening.

    In general, all discomfort will disappear after 3-7 days of treatment, and the individual will continue for 1-3 months. After the laser tattoo removal treatment, bleeding prohibited eyebrow, washing, exposure and other infections 3-7 days of non-edible spicy food, no drinking. If the bleeding more serious swelling of the sensitive customers, we recommend that oral antibiotics (acetyl spiramycin) after the laser tattoo removal, recovery period (72 hours after surgery) topical erythropoin ointment applied to help healing.


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