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Principle of permanent hair removal instrument


The use of laser hair removal technology, machine laser emission beam can penetrate the skin surface was eventually hair follicle absorption, experts say hair removal freezing theory is scientific, by the laser energy selective absorption, so that hair follicles have been destroyed, cannot regenerate hair, and no damage to the surrounding tissues. Freezing point hair removal process is simple, fast, usually do not leave scars after treatment.

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Permanent hair removal instrument advantage

1. Watch the hair root will not regeneration: careful design of the laser pulse to make the hair removal more safer and thorough. 800 nm wavelength laser can penetrate the epidermis, into the dermis, selectively is hair and hair follicle melanin granule absorption, photothermal effect, thermal energy inside the hair can be to Zhou Wai conduction, the hair follicle and hair dry completely destroyed and alopecia. And hair follicles surrounding the other down does not contain melanin granules so don't absorb the laser, will not cause damage.

2. Cool and comfortable nondestructive skin: elaborate design of laser pulse width make hair removal more security, and the unique dynamic freezing protection system will not have injury to the skin. The skin cooling to 5 degrees,not only to effectively protect the normal skin from damage and reduce pain, but also increase the treatment of energy and improve the efficacy.


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