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Why HiFU treatment is better than other treatment?


HIFU machine

shallow to deep facial structure are divided into:Epidermis,dermis,subcutaneous

fat,SMAS,muscles and bones.Traditional surgery face lift surgery is to suspend
SMAS,achieving skin tightening and lift.Now using HIFU non-instructive methods can
easily reach unprecedented treatment depth.
HIFU ultherapy depth is 1.5mm-4.5mm.Besides acting on fibrous SEPTA,ultherapy Can also
act on deeper layer SMAS,the key point of traditional face lift surgery. Therefore, HIFU
has broken the previous limit, is the first instrument for non-intrusive SMAS
treatment. Every single HIFU energy point(TCP) under the skin can make the
temperature reach 65-70C,is the strongest temperature of all non-invasive skin
tightening device.
No surgery, No bleeding, No scars,
No trauma, No radiation, No side effects


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