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What is the reason causing the skin anti redness?


1. Ong-term use of corticosteroid drugs may causing capillary dilation, resulting in thinning of the skin and atrophy, etc. And that will cause facial redness.

2. Living in alpine areas or suffered frostbite will causing blocked blood circulation, blood vessel walls so that the face showed a stasis of red blood.

3. Blood vessel aging, fragile, lack of flexibility, slow blood vessel contraction, red blood cells prone to leakage, the formation of facial redness.

4. Through the stratum corneum, so that the skin temporarily look more white, but because of damage to the surface of the skin to protect the skin, the skin becomes thin, red blood cells prone to leakage, the formation of facial redness.

laser skin rejuvenation (1)

Niansheng Beauty will help you to remove the anti redness!

The most useful method to remove the anti redness is the laser or IPL skin rejuvenation machines. Generally speaking, mild dilatation of blood vessels can be by way of photorejuvenation eliminated, heavier telangiectasia available pulse laser or dot matrix laser elimination. Laser general 1 month 1, mild do 1 times can disappear, and basically no discomfort; severe often need to do 4 ~ 5 times, local treatment may be blisters, after operation to pay attention to the waterproof sunscreen.


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