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Big promotion of RF cavitation slimming machine during 2016.08.15-2016.08.31!

Good news!
In order to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the company, our company specially launch a few product at cost promotion during 2016.08.15-2016.08.31!
㈠ The model of the sales promotion products as bellow:
1. LS-101 ( 5 in 1 portable RF cavitation slimming machine )
2. LS-110 ( Cavitation Slimming Machine )
3. LS-110A ( Ultrasound fat removal RF cavitation vacuum machine )

All machines we mentioned above, if your order quantities up to 10 units, we will send you 1 more machine in free! Up to 20 units, 3 more in free! 

㈡ All the other of beauty equipment in our company are ready for sale with 20% off!

㈢ During the event, you only need to pay 20% deposit first then can enjoy the benefits of this program. Besides, you can require to ship the goods within 90 days! 
㈣ As long as you introduce the customer, who has purchase intention to our company, we will give $10 coupons  (can be used for the next purchase of products), no matter the transaction is sucessful or not; If the customer consume more than $1000, we will return $80 to you! ( $80 can be deducted directly in the next purchase )
The preferential activity time is 15, August to 31, August, if you're interested in, pls contact us as soon as possible! ^_^


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