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Seven reasons of why the skin always not in white?


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To deal with the bad dull face, first we must need to understand the cause of 

dull and sallow. And then to expand the anti-vice, fight against corruption to 

dull the plan.

1. Excessive melanin generation

Such dull reason is more common in people who neglect the sunscreen. You 

can compare your facial skin with your arm and leg, if the face color deeper than 

them, that means you not pay more attention in sunscreen then Let the ultraviolet 

radiation to stimulate the generation of melanin. Exposure under ultraviolet light 

easy to make skin cutin layer injured, arranged in a staggered disorder, 

lead to rough skin surface texture, and his face looks appear naturally dull.

2. Horny oxidation

Free radical will bring the skin aging and it same with corneum, cuticle oxidation 

is the major reasons to make skin color without burnish. The common factors of 

cuticle oxidation is the electromagnetic wave, long-term face of the computer screen, 

smoking, lack of sleep will allow the generation of free radicals, bring corneum aging. 

So exfoliating is very important.

3. The old waste cutin accumulation

No normal metabolism will accumulate in the surface of the skin of the old waste horny, 

horny old waste accumulation of skin caused by rough touch, also can make melanin 

to metabolism, this type of skin dark heavy, may be accompanied by large pores, 

frequent disturbance oil secretion, if there is no appropriate to remove the old waste 

horny, even wipe again many whitening skin care products, it is difficult to enter the

skin absorption

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4. Skin moisture deficiency

Aging, long-term face of the computer screen will bring dry skin. When the skin lacks 

moisture, cuticle adjustment function will drop, facing the sun, pollution resistance will 

be significantly reduced; in addition, the computer screen electrostatic will produce a 

lot of eyes to see not see the fine dust deposited in the face, but also bring dull suspect.

5. Decreased oxygen content in blood

Under the irradiation of light, the heme containing oxygen may also decide to look 

complexion. When the blood oxygen levels high, smooth blood circulation, skin appears 

red, shiny, on the contrary, if the low oxygen content, would look dull and sallow.

6. Irregular work and rest

Irregular work and rest will cause the body's metabolic capacity decline, affect the 

generation and metabolism of melanin, reduce the skin layer of the repair capacity, 

may also cause endocrine disorder, and thus affect the skin. In addition, because of 

hormonal imbalance formation of liver spots if people often stay up late, face situation 

spots will also increase.

7. Precipitation of colored materials

Another reason to make sallow is colored substance precipitation, it is common to eat 

a lot of carotenoids foods (such as carrots, papaya, orange, tomato) caused by 

temporary yellowing of the skin, but this type color of face do not be too nervous, 

this temporary pigment precipitation just stop to eat a few days later will exclude the 

body's natural metabolism through and restore the face.


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