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Healthy living habits


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1. Eat breakfast: 4 years younger.

It mainly to supplement the fiber and fruit, and protein energy. 

2. Have a good sex lift: 6 years younger.

High quality sexual life is good for body and mind, helps to stabilize the mood and also 

let the female ruddy and translucent skin.

3. Donkey hop: 9 years younger.

Three times a week and ten minutes each time. It can strengthen bones, improve 

morale and also make you in fit.

4. A daily drink: 9 years younger.

Sipping a cup of beer, wine (red and white) or cocktails can improve heart function in 

healthy.  but be careful, daily amount of drinking only one cup, don't drink too much. 

Otherwise it will cause the burden of heart blood vessel. Wine can make you in beauty, 

that's lady's favorite.

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5. Laughing: 7 years younger.

Often in laughing can reduce the emotional anxiety.

6. Fast half an hour every day: 6 years younger.

This is a good exercise to speed up the metabolism, and it also very well for the skin.

7. Enough sleep: 8 years younger.

Should have a regular and maintain good quality, sleep more than 7 hours one day. 

High quality of sleep can let the body naturally produce more growth hormone, and growth 

hormone is anti-aging most important chemical composition.

8. Often eat vegetable & Fruit: 10 years younger.

A daily supplement of vitamin is equivalent to eating 10 kinds of fruits and vegetables 

every day.

9. Use bactericidal toothpaste: 4 years younger.

Researchers found that there was a large relationship between periodontal disease and 

immune system disorders and heart blood vessels. Safe use of toothpaste can prevent 

periodontal disease, thereby reducing immune disorders or other heart diseases.

10. Sports: 6 years younger.

There will be at least 1 hours of intense exercise a week. Such as jogging, climbing, 

climbing stairs and so on, it can strengthen the body and myocardial vascular function.

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