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Why the red spots appear after E-light acne removal ?


Why the red spots appear after E-light acne removal ?

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This is the problem that a lot of people who choose to do e-light acne is concerned about , there are many people who use e-light acne might arise problem , then what will cause it? Now let’s learn more about it.

What cause red spots appear after E-light acne Removal?

According to e-light beauty, MD, Why can e-light removal acne? This is mainly because e-light energy of e-light beauty equipment, it can eliminate acne bacteria within the skin, in turn, can promote skin repair again.

The common sequelae of acne removal are leaving smallpox in India, pock, acne pits and other such phenomena. So one of the reason that the red dot appears is whether e-light energy can output properly or not. 

And another factor that leads to the face will appear red dot after e-light acne removal is personal, so when people choose e-light to remove acne,they must be careful to ask cosmetic physician to be able to timely know what reaction will appear after e-light acne removal and also in order to strengthen the preventive measures.

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 When our skin appear acne, our first reaction is removing them . But no one has ever thought of why they appear. The most common reasons are several: excessive secretion of sebum, acne bacteria breeding too much, skin metabolism is not normal, improper diet and rest.


1. Excessive sebum secretion: excess sebum if you do not deal with the problem of smooth flowing, easy to get stuck in the pores of the formation of acne or non-inflammatory acne, and then evolved into inflammatory acne.

2. acne bacteria: When the acne bacteria breeding too much, that will release free fatty acids and cause inflammation of acne, acne is squeeze acne. Appearance is usually swollen and hard, long day there will be a white pustules.


3. The skin metabolism is not normal: When horn is unusual, easily covering the pores department so sebum can not flow out which cause clogged pores. Thereby allowing fast bacilli stuffy and a large number of breeding in the skin, causing acne.


4. Improper diet and daily routine: stay up all night, problem of physiological, lifestyle or diet changes, and so the state of hormonal change, enhance the control of male hormones out of fuel, resulting in excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands, which produce acne. Irregular diet and daily routine can cause hormonal disharmony; male hormones control the amount of fuel. There are a few people because of different food allergies produce acne.

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Do not worry about shiny, as long as you grasp two points: cleansing, moisturizing, and appropriate convergence of the sebaceous glands and oil control, you can put an end to shiny!


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